Today's Best in ECN Forex Broker Conditions

  • Tight Interbank FX spreads
  • A Global Cloud-based ECN
  • Fast, One-Click Trading
  • Leverage up to 1:100
  • DeskTop, Mobile and Web Trading
  • Automated Trading ALLOWED
  • Scalping ALLOWED
  • Credit Cards accepted

Currency trading is about freedom. The freedom to choose a trading platform that suits your needs; the freedom to scalp or use any trading strategies that suit your personality; and... the freedom to choose a broker who wins when you win.

What makes us different

When our company founders entered the FX industry with an initiative to provide individual Forex traders with the best trading conditions among online brokers, we faced an uphill battle. From the start, the retail currency trading industry was designed from the ground up to bet against the success of the independent trader -- our customers -- while our goal was to stand out from their business model.

Following a number of corporate re-structures, along with changes in our institutional business arrangements, we ultimately found the only solution that truly encompasses what we had originally set out to provide as a service to individual FX traders: a revolutionary algorithmic cloud-based ECN for Spot Forex trading.

The Forex market is the world's largest financial market by daily traded volume and there is no reason to keep currency trading exclusively among a small circle of the world's financial elite. Rise up and claim your share of the world's most liquid financial market.

True ECN Forex Broker

We provide a new breed of currency trading services. As a partner of the first exchange for Forex, we offer a lower barrier of entry to tight interbank spreads, low commissions, and VIP trading conditions without conflict of interest. Whether you're an individual trader or a small professional trading group, we're here to provide you with unmatchable solutions.

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Latest News

A Trader Revolution
Our company was founded with the goal of providing individual retail traders with a level playing field in Forex.

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RISK WARNING: Trading in over-the-counter foreign exchange contracts, or online forex trading, involves considerable risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Additionally, the effect of leverage in margin trading can amplify both gains as well as losses and could result in the loss of an entire trading account balance. MetaTrader is a trademark of MetaQuotes Software Corp. All other product or service names and logos are intellectual property of their respective owners.

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